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REGISTRATE. Entrenamiento Tecnico de oficio Aprende y Certificate CEU 6.0 (Incluye 2 libros oficiales del oficio)
10 Clases (60 Horas) de 3:00 - 9:00pm SABADOS O DOMINGOS
Safety in workplace, OSHA, MSDS, PPE, ladders, scaffolding, hand tools and electrical Identify, estimate and installations of Masonry cement, brick, blocks, Electrical components, fans, smoke detectors, Plumbing terminals, pipes PVC, ABS, copper, PEX, toilet, handwash, Insulation, ventilation, Painting water paint, oil, decorative paper, GreenTech Blueprint/Site design reading, architect scale, squaring, leveling Carpentry design and build of frames wood, metal, stairs, porches, decks, ceilings, doors, windows, cabinets, drywall, interior and exterior finish Administration Responsibilities with building owner or management company, Hours of work, control of helpers City regulations garbage, recycling, cleaning, maintenance, basement, storage, hallways, patios, sidewalks Spanish Class, more details in the center.

CAA Construction Administrative Assistant
. Entrenamiento Certificado como Tecnico asistente de oficio de operaciones administrativas, logisticas, control de obras y trabajos. Aprende y Certificate CEU 8.0 (Incluye libros y guias oficiales del oficio)

​​REGISTRATEOSHA 30 horas Construcción en Español desde $300 Certificado + Tarjeta Oficial. Oferta Pago Anticipado 15 dias antes del inicio de clases (o $450 en la puerta). Precio especial para grupos.


5 DIAS Lunes a Viernes de 5:00 a 11:30PM
4 DIAS Sabados y Domingos de 9:00AM - 5:00PM

4 DIAS Lunes a Jueves de 9:00AM - 5:00PM
Dirigido a personas con responsabilidades en la construccion como Directores, Managers, supervisor, capataz, foreman, inspectors, owners, contractors, etc.
Capacitación y enseñanza sobre el reconocimiento, la prevención, la reducción y la prevención de riesgos para la seguridad y la salud en el trabajo de la construction (30 Hour OSHA Construction Safety & Health Program)
Local Law 196 Mandates. La Ley Ordena completar capacitacion en 3 fases: Minimum OSHA10 on 3/1/2018,  OSHA30 December 2018 y 60 to 100 Hours Training Program no mas tarde de September 2020
Local Law 196 mandates completion of OSHA training for supervisors employed within the Five Boroughs on certain size projects. Supervisor’s, including Construction Supers, Site Safety Managers, Site Safety Coordinators, Concrete Safety Managers, or Competent Persons are required to provide evidence of completion of the 30-HR OSHA Construction Safety Outreach Training program by December 2018.
In New York City, the 30-HR OSHA Training is required for individuals applying as a Site Safety Manager, Site Safety Coordinator, and/or Superintendent based on the applicant’s qualifications. Additionally, this program is increasingly a primary requirement for supervisory staff on many construction contracts throughout New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Connecticut.


SSDP Program Training Certificate under rules 29OSHA1926 and Environmental, local and federal agencies, for foreman's, Supervisor, Manager, Owners and General Contractors. REGISTRATE

Certificate how to Safety work how to competent person; training under the OSHA Construction Standard.

Certificate and Prevent your body. The surprising truth about the most “back-breaking” jobs
Everyday behaviors that can lead to nagging back injuries and problems
How movement and posture affect back health
Simple stretches and exercises to help preserve back health on the job and off

Proximo Inicios OSHA30 15Julio Flagger 6Julio FORKLIFT 21Julio OSHA.NYC Certificate y Recibe Credencial Oficial y cumple con los requerimientos Mandate NYC Building Local Law 196

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           POLYTECHNIC               TRAINING CENTER

13 years Educating/Certified the Community in Technical Occupations & Site Safety: Construction, Forklift Operator, Backhoe, Electrical, EPA608, PC Repair IT, Business, Computacion ClasesSpanish/English

Authorized Testing Center for Licenses and Certifications of CERTIPORT, NATE EPA & FCC
Welcome Back NYC July 20 2020 Phase 4. Starting Limited Classes Registration with appointment. See official Information COVID-19 NYC and CDC                                        

Our Instructors

All Learning Center teachers and Instructors are professionals in the area. Many also have certifications or licenses for specific read more

Tutoring - Clases

Small groups Spanish with English terminology in areas Electrical, OSHA Construction SST40, SST62, Scaffold, Superintendent, First Aid CPR/AED, Computer User, Repair A+IT read more

Test Preparation for Assessments

  • Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC/R, Foreman
  • Microsoft Office, IC3, Negocios, SEO
  • Adobe, AutoCAD, Maya, EC-Council, S+
  • Computer Service Technician A+ N+ IT
  • CARE & Security PC-Tech Support, CCTV
  • Home Improvement Contractor, Flagger
  • FCC License, EPA608, First Aid/CPR/AED

REGISTRATE. This Certificate course covers the OSHA Excavation Standard and safety and health aspects of excavation and trenching.  Course topics include practical soil mechanics and its relationship to the stability of shored and unshored slopes and walls of excavations, introduction of various types of shoring (wood timbers and hydraulic), soil classification, and use of protective systems.  Testing methods are demonstrated and students participate in workshops in the use of instruments such as penetrometers, torvane shears, and engineering rods.  Upon course completion students will have the ability to assess their employer’s compliance with the OSHA Excavation Standard, utilize soil testing methods to classify soil types, determine protective systems for excavation operations, and training requirements.
Subpart P Definitions The Role of a Competent Person Why Competent Person is Important Competent Person responsibilities Competent Person interview forms.
Subpart P OSHA Regulation General Requirements Surface encumbrances Underground installations Access vehicular traffic Fall loads Warning system Equipment hazardous atmospheres Water accumulation Adjacent structures Inspection and fall protection
Subpart P OSHA Regulation Soil Classifications How to perform a soil analysis Types of soil, i.e stable rock A,B,C Types of soil tests, i.e plasticity, dry strength, thumb penetration, drying test and other strength tests.
Subpart P OSHA Regulation Shoring Systems Protection of employees Design of sloping and benching Design of support system Design of timber shoring Aluminum hydraulic shoring Alternative systems Trench box systems.Type your paragraph here.


​​REGISTRATE Curso de OSHA 10 horas Construcción en Español  Certificado + Tarjeta Oficial Capacitacion para todos los trabajadores en la Construccion, aprendera sobre el reconocimiento de los peligros, la reduccion y la prevencion de riesgos para la seguridad y la salud en el trabajo. Este curso se centra en las normas requeridas de OSHA en la industria de la construccion, enfocado en las diferentes normas estatales y federales, y es una forma comprobada para obtener su tarjeta oficial de OSHA 10 horas y alcanzar el nivel de seguridad requerido para trabajar en la industria de la construccion (10 Hour OSHA Construction Safety & Health Program).
DURACION: 2 di­as de 5 horas cada clase (Sabado y Domingo de 5:00 - 10:30pm)
(Miercoles y Jueves de 5:00 - 10pm)
Modulo 1: Introduccion a OSHA y la ley OSH
Modulo 2: Cuatro Enfoques de riesgos y medidas preventivas
FOCO UNO: Proteccion de Caidas
FOCO DOS: Golpeado por
FOCO TRES: Atrapado Entre
FOCO CUATRO: Seguridad Electrica
Modulo 3: El Equipo de Proteccion Personal para Construccion (PPE)
Modulo 4: Peligros y riesgos de la Salud en la Construccion
Modulo 5: Temas Electivos (mi­nimo 2)
A. Escaleras y Escaleras (Stairways and Ladders)
B. Manejo de Materiales y Almacenamiento para la Construccion
C. Herramientas de Mano y Electricas
D. Andamios (Scaffolds)
E. Excavations
F. Crane, Derricks, Hoists, Elevators and Conveyors
Modulo 6: Test Review y Examen Final.
Certificado y Tarjeta despues de aprobar el examen.