Certificate Employees Coronavirus Prevention and Control: Strategies for Employees
Duración: 10 Horas    Costo $ 300.00 Especial $200
Este curso certificado cubre los riesgos relacionados con el coronavirus en el nivel intermedio. Los temas incluyen información sobre los riesgos en el lugar de trabajo, que van desde los que enfrentan los trabajadores generales hasta las personas que deben trabajar en entornos que incluyen personas que dieron positivo para COVID-19.
Los estudiantes aprenderán a:
- Identificar posibles exposiciones en el lugar todo tipo de trabajo
- Identificar la categoría de riesgo adecuada para las actividades laborales
- Elegir controles de ingeniería apropiados para diferentes categorías de riesgo
- Identificar controles administrativos apropiados para cada categoría de riesgo
- Seleccionar equipo de protección personal efectivo para las categorías de riesgo identificadas; y
- Explorar los procedimientos de limpieza y desinfección adecuados para el lugar de trabajo.

This certified course covers coronavirus related risks at the intermediate level. Topics include information on workplace hazards, ranging from those faced by general workers to people who must work in settings that include people who tested positive for COVID-19.
Students will learn to:
Identify possible exposures in all type the workplace
Identify the appropriate risk category for work activities
Choose appropriate engineering controls for different risk categories
Identify appropriate administrative controls for each risk category
Select effective personal protective equipment for the identified risk categories; and
Explore proper cleaning and disinfection procedures for the workplace.

2-HOUR DRUG AND ALCOHOL AWARENESS TRAINING Training Requirement: Per Local Law 196, in order to continue to operate in the City of New York, some workers and supervisors are required to complete a minimum number of hours of approved site safety training. This NYC Department of Buildings-Approved curriculum is a prescribed (required) course that fulfills one of the requirements for an individual applying for a Site Safety Training (SST) Card.

Topics in accordance to CDC, EPA, OSHA, and others Governmental and Federal Agencies of USA

Certificate Managers Coronavirus Prevention and Control:

Strategies for Managers

Duración: 16 Horas    Costo $ 500.00 Especial $350
Este curso certificado para supervisores, Gerentes y Propietarios de Negocios, cubre los riesgos relacionados con el coronavirus en el nivel avanzado. Los temas y enfoques cubiertos incluirán información sobre la evaluación de los niveles de riesgo y control en el lugar de trabajo.
El Especialista aprenderán:

- Todas las estrategias de control y prevención para empleados

- La identificación de industrias que tienen un alto riesgo de exposición a COVID-19
- Presentación, escenarios y plan en profundidad de los métodos de control de virus en el sitio de trabajo.
- Enfoques del sistema de gestión de seguridad y control de riesgos
- Identificación de las normas de seguridad y salud que se aplican al control de exposición a COVID-19.

This certified course for supervisors, managers, and business owners covers coronavirus-related risks at the advanced level. Topics and approaches covered will include information on assessing levels of risk and control in the workplace.
The Specialist will learn:
- All control and prevention strategies for employees
- The identification of industries that have a high risk of exposure to COVID-19
- Presentation, scenarios and in-depth plan of virus control methods in the workplace.
- Approaches to the security management and risk control system
- Identification of safety and health standards that apply to exposure control to COVID-19.

Certificate Personal Coronavirus Facts Understanding the Coronavirus
Duración: 4 Horas   Costo $200.00
Curso certificado de información básica sobre los riesgos relacionados con el coronavirus y los procedimientos adecuados de limpieza y desinfección en el hogar o en el lugar de trabajo para proteger contra COVID-19.
En este curso aprenderá:
- Datos sobre COVID-19
- Técnicas adecuadas de limpieza y desinfección
- Evitar la transmisión de COVID-19 dentro del hogar o lugar de trabajo.
Course Description
Certified basic information course on coronavirus-related risks and proper cleaning and disinfection procedures at home or in the workplace to protect against COVID-19.
In this course you will learn:
- Data on COVID-19
- Proper cleaning and disinfection techniques
- Avoid transmission of COVID-19 within the home or workplace.

DISCLAIMER: This course was designed to teach users how to properly clean and disinfect their workplaces and homes against COVID-19. This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

Duración: 5 Horas   $350.00    REGISTRATE

Certificate and Prevent your body. The surprising truth about the most “back-breaking” jobs
Everyday behaviors that can lead to nagging back injuries and problems
How movement and posture affect back health
Simple stretches and exercises to help preserve back health on the job and off

Hazardous Chemicals in General Industry

Duración: 5 Horas   Costo $150.00        REGISTRATE

The Awareness-level Certificate Training is available in both English and Spanish. The OSHA HazCom standard requires that a site-specific plan be developed, that containers be appropriately labeled, Safety Data Sheets be maintained, and that employees be trained.
The Awareness level training we provide covers the following:
- The rights of the employee as outlined by the Occupational Safety and Health Act (this is required as a part of the grant)
- How to recognize signs, labels and pictograms that indicate potentially hazardous chemicals;
- Read and apply the information found on a safety data sheet in the performance of daily tasks;
- How to use best practices when handling and storing chemicals/products; and
- How to use supplied personal protective equipment properly when handling hazardous chemicals.
The training has been reviewed for technical accuracy and approved for use by OSHA. Employees would still need to be informed on the aspects of the site-specific plan that is developed by their employer. Violations of the HazCom standard are the second-most frequently cited issue by federal OSHA. It is our goal to help employers avoid this risk, and also provide employees the tools they need to conduct their work safely. Our staff is willing to travel as necessary to conduct this training provided there are a sufficient number of attendees.


REGISTRATE Cost From $60 - $160.00

Certificate how to Safety work how to competent person; training under the OSHA Construction Standard.

2 Hour Silica Hazard Awareness
​4 Hour Silica Crystalline in Construction


Proximo Inicios OSHA30 15Julio Flagger 6Julio FORKLIFT 21Julio OSHA.NYC Certificate y Recibe Credencial Oficial y cumple con los requerimientos Mandate NYC Building Local Law 196

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